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Wenda - Updates May 2014

Posted 01 May 2014 in Updates , Wenda

The following message has been sent to all adopters prior to being published on this website. We apologise if you ...

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Wenda - Updates Nov 2013

Posted 01 Nov 2013 in Updates , Wenda

Wenda is now 16kg and is starting to get her permanent adult teeth. Wenda mostly likes to eat leaves and ...

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Wenda - Updates May 2013

Posted 01 May 2013 in Updates , Wenda

Wenda is still in a socialisation cage with another eight orangutans - Ugo Blanco, Miky, Frens, Manohara, Brokoly, Ontong Bolang, ...

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Wenda - Updates Oct 2012

Posted 01 Oct 2012 in Updates , Wenda

Wenda has spent almost a year in a socialisation cage with her group. Willy Tasbi used to be her bestfriend ...

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