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Inspiring Indonesian youth - Jul 2024

Posted 11 Jul 2024 in TOP News

The 14th COP (Centre for Orangutan Protection) School in Yogyakarta this July was a resounding success, training the ...

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Talian regains his freedom - Jul 2024

Posted 03 Jul 2024 in TOP News

Earlier this year, we shared the confronting story of an injured adult male orangutan named Talian.

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Meet Ochre- our July APE Achiever! - Jun 2024

Posted 24 Jun 2024 in TOP News

In February, our dedicated BORA team rescued little Ochre, who had been kept illegally as a pet alongside dogs and ...

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Dan and Jade's wedding donation - Fundraising News Jun 2024

Posted 24 Jun 2024 in Fundraising News

Last month, we were thrilled to receive a generous donation and a note from Dan and Jade. This lovely couple ...

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Exciting Progress at the SRA Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre! - News May 2024

Posted 28 May 2024 in News

Construction is in full swing at our Sumatran Orangutan Rescue Alliance (SRA) Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre in North ...

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Field visit to our Sumatran orangutan release site - May 2024

Posted 28 May 2024 in Orangutans in the News

TOP Founder, Leif Cocks, and Conservation Project Manager, Kylie Bullo, recently visited the Sumatran orangutan release site in ...

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Meet Siti and Sudin- our June APE Achievers! - May 2024

Posted 28 May 2024 in TOP News

For our June APE Achiever of the Month, we couldn’t choose just one! Meet Siti and Sudin, the ...

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Meet Harapi, our May APE Achiever! - May 2024

Posted 07 May 2024 in TOP News

Despite his harrowing start to life, little Harapi is thriving at our BORA Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre, getting ...

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Life saving orangutan surgeries - May 2024

Posted 07 May 2024 in TOP News

The team at our BORA orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan has been working tirelessly over the last ...

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Orangutan veterinary hero - May 2024

Posted 06 May 2024 in TOP News

Theresia or ‘Tere’ as she is known by her family and friends, is a dedicated, brave, and compassionate veterinarian. She ...

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