The Orangutan Project relies on volunteers in every State to promote the organization and raise funds to go directly toward saving the endangered orangutan and its habitat. The involvement of our wonderful volunteers enables TOP to raise critically needed funds for projects on the ground in Borneo and Sumatra.

Everything we do as volunteers is extremely valuable and has its own rewards. You get to be part of a community of like-minded people to represent an organisation that works on some very important issues that make a difference to this world.

You get to share your ideas and experiences in many ways. The messages you share with your local community are serious and important, you get to do this in the most fun and interesting ways, and celebrate the wonderful things being achieved.

Any amount of time you can spare helps. You choose what you do and when you do it, knowing that proceeds of funds raised will go directly to saving orangutans. No experience is needed as you get to learn from your local co-ordinator and the other enthusiastic volunteers. Many join because they see the fun TOP volunteers have and the joy that comes from being a volunteer. There are so many opportunities you didn’t know even existed until you become a volunteer.

Each state is led by a State Representative who with their team of volunteers organize some great activities. These could include fund raising events, promotions, raffles, spending a couple of hours at a stall to sell merchandise and adoptions, wearing the mascot suit, or doing a tin shake with your friends. You can take on a role like education at schools or managing the merchandise, or sell a few chocolates and cookies at work – every bit counts.

Whilst the amount of time the volunteers spend with the TOP varies from state to state, four to five hours a month is an average commitment. As a volunteer you will also be encouraged to promote our adoption and Save the Forest programs and become a part of the TOP family.

Where a prospective volunteer lives outside of an area where our main state bodies currently operate, we encourage volunteers to set up a committee in their home town and have three or four functions a year with the support of the State Representatives team. Being a TOP volunteer means you can make a difference in protecting the orangutans and speaking for them.

For further information contact TOP or get in touch with your local State Representative.

How can I help to volunteer with orangutans in Borneo?

There are a number of organisations that have “Volunteer” programs… so finding the one to suit your needs is important.

Below are links to some available programs: