An Update from YIARI's Learning Centre

Read the latest update about the YIARI Learning Centre, which Forest For People donors help to fund.

Empowering Minds at The Learning Center

Here at The Orangutan Project, we are firm believers in the power of education as a means to protect our precious rainforests and the incredible wildlife that inhabits them. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we are thrilled to provide an update from the YIARI Learning Center in West Kalimantan, where the next generation of wildlife stewards are thriving.

We are excited to share an update from the YIARI Learning Centre in West Kalimantan, made possible in part thanks to our dedicated supporters. Here, the next generation is acquiring vital skills in English and computing, embracing environmental awareness, and creating new opportunities through education. Join us in celebrating the Learning Centre's remarkable achievements as you read this impressive update from the past few months.

English and Computing Skills

At the heart of the Learning Center's mission are English and computing classes held twice a week. Divided into afternoon and evening sessions, these classes have attracted the enthusiasm of seventeen students each eager to expand their knowledge.

The results are truly inspiring! In computer skills, students demonstrated an incredible 186% improvement, soaring from an average score of 29 to an impressive 84. In English skills, they achieved a commendable 44% increase, moving from an average of 59 to 87.

This progress has remained consistent across months and classes, with the most recent quarter showing the highest average scores in English.

After-School Program

Raising the Bar

The After-School Program (ASP) has continually evolved its teaching methods. Comparing ASP students in 2023 with those in 2022, it's evident that the test scores and learning retention have improved significantly.

Environmental Education

Fostering Stewardship

Integral to the learning process are activities centered on environmental education. Students engage in educational games and watch films about environmental and wildlife conservation. This quarter, they explored an array of vital topics, including the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), waste types, river ecosystems, tiger conservation, biodiversity, and more.

By imparting knowledge about the importance of our natural world and the significance of biodiversity, we aim to cultivate a generation of conservation champions.

English Proficiency Classes

Opening Doors to Opportunities

YIARI has extended its educational outreach to college students, offering English Public Speaking and early English Proficiency classes. These programs are making a remarkable impact. Students, who demonstrated a strong baseline knowledge of English, showcased a 20% improvement in their overall knowledge.

One student's journey is particularly noteworthy. Initially unfamiliar with English Proficiency Tests, this student's hard work paid off when they were selected for the Independent Student Exchange Program at Madiun State Polytechnic for Information Technology.

The Green Garden Reading Class

Growth in Action

Lately, the students have explored conservation-themed tales like 'Orangutans and Hunters'. And it's not just reading; they're young writers, crafting stories on environmental issues, identifying problems, and developing solutions.

Drawing, coloring, documentary watching, quizzes, and even origami making have been a part of the immersive learning experience.

Join Us in Shaping Bright Futures

Education is the key to nurturing a deep love and respect for our environment. At The Orangutan Project, we are committed to empowering these bright young minds with the knowledge and skills needed to protect our rainforest and wildlife.

Join us in supporting the YIARI Learning Center and help shape a future where the next generation takes up the mantle of conservation with passion and dedication.

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