Sudin, along with his best friend Siti, are both doing great at the Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation program in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem in Sumatra.

Little Sudin contemplating his next move at Jungle School

Sudin and Siti are taken out to Jungle School almost every day. Jungle School is a vital part of an orangutan’s rehabilitation journey as it gives them the opportunity to learn skills such as climbing, making a nest, and finding suitable food.

Sudin continues to grow in independence, and he explores the forest actively during Jungle School. Sudin and Siti stick close together during Jungle School and they will both whimper and be afraid if their trainers move too far away. This is understandable since they are both very young and would still be with their mothers for years in the wild.

Sudin is excellent at foraging for forest fruits during Jungle School and has been eating many fruits lately including liana, sangkuang, ludai, and aro (Ficus sp). Sudin and Siti also like to play in the bamboo groves at the river. They are learning to eat bamboo shoots and how to drink safely from the water. Sudin still needs to develop his nest building skills. He will often sleep with Siti in nests that she has made and luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind- for now.

Sudin loves his food and is in excellent health, weighing in at 13kg. It is wonderful to see Sudin and his companion Siti thrive at Jungle School. Thank you to Sudin’s adopters for helping this cheeky little guy on his way to forest freedom.

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