Carlos is doing well at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, run by the BOS Foundation in Central Kalimantan. He is in a healthy condition and is 19 years of age.

The orangutan keepers continue to provide Carlos with many feeds and enrichment items during the day to keep him busy. Carlos just loves his sacks and is usually seen playing with them or resting on them. Every day the keepers try to persuade him to give up his sacks to be washed however he will hold onto them as long as possible, even when they are dirty and torn. It is only when a sack falls through the raised enclosure to the ground below do the keepers get to rush in and retrieve the sacks to wash them. Even though the orangutan keepers and enrichment team members know Carlos well, as he was previously a forest school student who was educated from a young age, they are still cautious when picking up sacks near Carlos since he is so large and strong.

Carlos still loves the blue barrels in his enclosure. He will hide in a barrel and cover himself in sacks when the orangutan keepers clean his enclosure to avoid getting any spray from the hose on him. Carlos also enjoys the various food enrichment that is given out numerous times a day including ice blocks, food hidden in bamboo and puzzle balls.

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