Two orangutans move to our new BORA Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

Our new Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in East Kalimantan is nearly complete! And it’s thanks to our incredible supporters all over the world – without you and your love for orangutans, none of this would be possible. With the clinic now ready to care for orangutans, and the office building nearly complete, we’re thrilled to share the news that two of our beloved orangutans have already moved to their brand new home.

The first orangutans to move are Popi (above) and Jainul, who have apparently been so relaxed about their medical check-ups in the new clinic that the team didn’t hesitate to take some snaps! The team does routine health checks on all orangutans in their care to identify possible diseases and symptoms. The tests went smoothly and it’s great to see the young orangutans looking so comfortable, thanks to the kindness and care provided by our vet Theresia, our paramedic Tata, and our centre manager Widi. Below is Tata with some of the new equipment we've been able to purchase thanks to the generous support of our donors.

Popi is one of our most beloved adoptees, and we hope her supporters will be delighted to see that she’s moved to our new facility, which is kitted out with a brand new quarantine cage, night-time enclosures, baby playground and more. Jainul is one of the youngest orphaned orangutans in our group, having been rescued in April last year from a traumatic life. He is gaining in confidence and strength, especially after he formed special bonds with both Berani and Septi, often following them around and clinging to them. But he’ll need to wait a little longer until these two older orangutans are moved to the BORA centre to join him and Popi!

Above: Jainul and Popi being held by our vet Theresia and our paramedic Tata

When Leif was in Borneo recently for a tour through the jungle, he took some of our donors on a tour of the new BORA centre. One of those donors was Lisa Cochrane, who made a generous donation towards the construction of the medical clinic. Lisa was touched to have been able to unveil a plaque naming the clinic in honour of her late father, John Cochrane, who was a passionate supporter of orangutans and The Orangutan Project. 

Above: Theresia our vet in front of the John Cochrane Clinic and Quarantine Building

The final building to be completed in this beautiful new centre, which our supporters have helped bring to reality, is the office building. Funded by donor Dr Amy Myers and named after her late father, the Dr. James T. Myers Office Building is a beautiful, open wooden structure complete with all the most up-to-date equipment that a 21st Century rescue centre needs. Our team is in the process of moving in, and will eventually transfer all orangutans in our care to the centre. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Above: the BORA team and Leif in front of the new James T Myers Office Building, with the fabulous orangutan sculpture in the background


Top row below: Jainul being being checked for diseases and medical issues, Jainul with Theresia, and Leif and donor Lisa Cochrane out the front of the John Cochrane Clinic and Quarantine Building, named after father

Bottom row below: Leif with some of the BORA Centre staff out the front of the new James T Myers Office Building, Leif and Hardi (TOP Field Manager) in front of the night-time enclosures, the new quarantine cage,

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