BORA Rescue Centre construction

Great news! Construction of our new Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA) Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is nearing completion! The team are still putting finishing touches to  the walls, floors and enclosures, but it’s fantastic to see that it’s nearly finished. It’s been a huge effort, with construction starting back at the end of 2021. It's also testament to what we can achieve with the generous support from our many donors all over the world. You've helped make this happen!

We purchased the land that our new BORA Rescue and Rehabilitation is being built on. This new location provides much better access to food and supplies for the orangutans and staff. There is also better internet signal so communications regarding orangutan rescues and illegal activities will be improved.

We're really looking forward to moving in - and the great news is that one of our most recent rescues, Amil, will be the first orangutan to move here. You may remember that we rescued Amil in March this year from an abandoned zoo. We're excited to be able to start to give Amil a new life at our new centre.

It's taken many months and dozens of people working hard in the hot sun to get to this point. When the medical clinic, enclosures, gardens and office building are finished, it represents a new step forward for the precious orangutans in our care, and we're so grateful for all your support to make this happen.

Check out the photos below of the new enclosures, medical clinic and more!

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