Rescued orangutan medical check-up

After the urgent rescue from an abandoned zoo, our BORA rescue team transported this orangutan and a sun bear to the wildlife rescue centre in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. 

Recovery from his trauma began the moment he was set free from the soulless dirt cage he’d been in for about nine years. There is still a long journey for this young orangutan, and he needs your help to be transported to our rescue centre on Borneo. 

Rescues like this one can be incredibly expensive. They require dozens of people performing vital roles to ensure the orangutans arrive safely at their destination. This operation involved travelling by boat to and from the island off the coast of Java, transporting the orangutan and a sun bear by plane to the mainland of Jakarta, then driving over miles of road to the wildlife rescue centre. Just to transport and feed them during the rescue mission cost nearly $20,000 AUD ($15,000 USD). So thank you to everyone who supported us in our recent urgent appeal - you helped make this rescue possible.

But he’s not home yet! This young orangutan needs to return to Borneo, where he was stolen from nearly ten years ago. He needs help to be transported to our BORA rescue centre where he will be cared for and have a better life in a jungle setting. 

Please consider donating to help this young orangutan on his journey to a place of safety, trees and comfort. The final leg of his journey will require more travel by air and road, as well as food, medical costs and staffing costs. These rescues are one of the most important things we do, but we can’t do them without support.

At the Yogyakarta wildlife rescue centre, the orangutan and sun bear needed medical checks to ensure they were in a safe condition to be moved again. The orangutan is relatively healthy, despite his traumatic experience in captivity for nine of his ten years. Our amazing vets collected blood, checked all his vitals and pronounced him healthy enough to move onto our BORA Rescue Centre, where he can really start to heal and recover.

The sun bear is relatively healthy as well, apart from an infection in one of his teeth. He needed urgent surgery to remove the broken and infected tooth, and he’s recovering well now.   

Please donate to help us move this young orangutan to a better life at our BORA rescue centre. And stay tuned for more news… we need to find him a new name and we’ll be asking for your suggestions!

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