Handsome Wigly is now ten years of age and is flourishing on Kaja Island, one of the BOS Foundation’s pre-release islands in Central Kalimantan. Every morning and afternoon, a team of technicians will arrive at the island by boat to deliver washed fruits and vegetables to the various feeding platforms on the islands for the orangutans. They also spend time observing the orangutans and ensure they are in good health.

When Wigly hears the boat, he will climb high up into a tree to check where they are going to stop. He then makes his way down to the platform to take his share of goodies. Around 10 orangutans gather at each island feeding platform.

As you can see from these photos, Wigly certainly loves corn! He is very talented at making a quick getaway back into the trees so other orangutans can’t steal his stash of precious food.

However even once he has reached the canopy, he then has to fend off the island’s resident macaques who are very cheeky and quick and also try and steal his food. Wigly tries every tactic he can, including sandwiching his food between his thighs and stomach so it cannot be snatched by the macaques.

After enjoying his food, Wigly will set off to explore the island, taste-testing the tips of young leaves and wild fruits along the way. He is sometimes accompanied by his bestie, Ello but he’s also happy to explore the island on his own. Wigly continues to do well with building nests high up the trees.

It is lovely to see Wigly doing so well on the pre-release island. Having the freedom to explore and forage during the COVID-19 pandemic which has greatly impacted orangutans in care centres across Indonesia has been a blessing.

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