Meki is currently living in the socialisation complex at Nyaru Menteng and is doing well despite her temporary hiatus from forest school. The technicians provide Meki and the other orangutans lots of enrichment to keep them busy and encourage problem solving.

Some of Meki’s favourite enrichment items are honey blocks and fruit balls. Meki will use sticks as tools to help her reach the treats in these items. Meki likes to take a midday siesta in a nest she makes from the leaves and branches provided.

Meki is a very curious and observant orangutan and she enjoys observing what is happening around her from the top of her enclosure. She is active and plays with all the toys in the socialisation cage and is in excellent health. Meki still enjoys attention from the babysitters and if they are close by she will press her body against the mesh and encourage them to visit her.

In exciting news, Meki has made the list of orangutans chosen to be relocated to a pre-release island in 2018. BOSF has now released over 280 orangutans into the forest and Meki continues to be a prime candidate for future release! Congratulations Meki!

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