Meki continues to be very independent. During the day, she likes to explore the forest alone, and doesn’t mingle much with her peers.

Recently, Meki roamed far from her forest school area and could not be found. The baby sitters immediately conducted a search for her but to no avail. The following day, Meki returned to forest school, and was seen sitting in a tree

A babysitter managed to luree Meki down with a bottle of milk. She was taken to the Nyaru Menteng clinic for a brief check-up and she was fine. Meki weighed 25.3kg which is moderate for her age and sex

While staying overnight in the forest school area can be quite daunting for a young orangutan, Meki did so without issue. This clearly demonstrates her courage and independence. However, concerned by her tendency to roam off alone, the team decided to move Meki to the Orangutan Socialization Complex for a while where they can better monitor her progress and test her social skills.

Meki is currently housed in the Socialization Complex with orangutans Aussy and Gonjales and is doing well. Meki’s skills and tenacity in the forest make her a prime candidate for future release and hopefully she will be able to move to a pre-release island in the near future.

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