Meki continues to become more independent and often refuses to interact with her babysitters. She has a new morning routine where she will drop by and see her friends in the Quarantine Complex before going to her Forest School group. Meki still loves to visit the younger orangutan groups in Forest School and she enjoys taking her younger mates to explore, forage for natural food and play in the canopy.

During lunch time, Meki refuses to approach her babysitters for food and prefers to build a nest in a tree and have a nap. This is a promising sign that she has found enough natural food in the forest with her young friends. In the past few months, Meki has often stayed overnight in the forest and this is excellent preparation for her future journey back to the forest. Seasonal fruits including rambutan are still Meki’s favourite.

Meki recently had an altercation with a male orangutan named Sembara. He seemed to like Meki, however she did not feel the same way. Sembara constantly followed Meki and she finally showed her frustration at him by smacking Sembara with a stick! This certainly gave Sembara the message and he no longer bothers Meki!

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