Rocky and Rickina

Rocky recently graduated from the baby school group and moved to the island forest school. He was very dominant in the baby school, and good at foraging, so his carers thought that he was ready to progress to the next level.

November 2015

Rocky was initially hesitant about his new surroundings however he has adapted very well and has made lots of new friends. Rocky is very active and spends lots of time climbing in the trees and playing with the other orangutans.

Rickina is still in the baby school programme. She is very picky about which foods she will and will not eat, and having picked up a fever over the summer, was looking a little skinny. Thankfully Rickina is now back to full health, and is one of the most active orangutans in the baby school. Although her best friend Rocky moved to the forest school, Rickina is having lots of fun with her new friend Merry.

The first two photos are little Rickina and the final two photos are Rocky.

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