When Natalia is in the forest, her climbing skills shine. She moves through tangles of vines as easily as if she was climbing up stairs. But she doesn’t feel the need to be constantly on the move.

 As she arrives at a new place, she may spend a long time just sitting and contemplating everything around her, an activity she particularly likes to pursue from high up in the canopy. This is how Natalia finds her own bliss in the forest – just relaxing and taking in her surroundings.

Sometimes she will lie on a tree branch, lazily munching on a clump of berries and staring off into the forest canopy.  As she makes her way slowly and thoughtfully through the forest, Natalia prefers to move by herself and stay hidden. Indeed, sometimes she sneaks away covertly and caregivers have difficulty locating her when it is time to go back to the sleeping enclosures for a meal. When she comes across her orangutan peers, she is always up for taking a few minutes for a playful wrestling match. Natalia’s dark, unblemished face reflects a soul that is at peace in the forest. Her forest skills have developed greatly over the years and it is hoped that she can find that peace as a wild orangutan in the near future!

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