Marwar, whose name means ‘rose’ in the Indonesian language, is as gentle and sweet as ever. She is inquisitive and curious and enjoys watching and interacting with her human caregivers.

Marwar is an adolescent female who is nearly ready for release back into the wild.  She is adept at climbing and moving through the trees and is an excellent nest maker.  She enjoys finding termite nests and is quick enough to find the nest, pull it out of the ground, and be up in the trees before her caregivers can get close to her.  She enjoys being in the forest so much that when she is released she often stays up in the trees for three days at a time. While this habit of staying up in the trees is an excellent  indicator that Marwar will soon be  ready for release back into the wild, it is a challenge for her caregivers, who feel a great responsibility for her well being. When she does spend the night in the forest her caregivers also stay out until after dark to be sure she is sleeping safely in her nest. They then go out before dawn the next morning to check on her again.  

Marwar has shown that she has the skills to succeed in the wild which is absolutely wonderful. Soon she will no longer need to return to the Care Centre at all and can spend every night in the forest, just as it should be! 

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