Dora has made excellent progress over the last six months and is doing very well at forest school. Four year old Dora is always excited to leave her night cage and head into the forest. Dora spends a lot of her time at forest school with a seven year old orangutan named Jeky Chan.

They will explore the forest and search for forest fruits together. Dora adores semantung fruits. These fruits are quite sour but Dora loves them and pops them in her mouth one by one while sitting calmly on a branch, observing the scenery around her. After gorging on fruits, Dora will then take a nap.

Dora is a quick climber and is travelling higher into the canopy now. When it is time for Dora to return to her night cage she will rip off some young leaves to take with her so she can snack on them while her carer carries her back to the night cage. Recently, Dora refused to come down to her carer at the end of the day and chose to stay overnight in her nest in the forest. This was very positive that Dora wanted to stay in the forest. The next morning her carer went to collect her at dawn to take her back to the cage. Dora ate a large breakfast and then slept till 4pm in the cage! Everyone was quite worried about her- obviously she was exhausted from her new experience.

Dora isn’t very good at building nests however she is still young. During forest school and in the cages she is being motivated by the staff to build nests by giving her lots of leaves and branches.

Earlier this year, Dora had a small tumour removed during surgery. The site has healed well and there are no signs of any other tumours. 

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