Bunga loves to explore, which results in her often wandering off from forest school. This is fine as she learns to search for her own food and eat the forest fruits.

She travels high in the canopy, but her inquisitive nature often draws her over to areas where she causes mayhem. Bunga will appear at the socialisation cages where the older orangutans are housed and tease them through the bars. She has also ventured to areas where contractors are working to see what mischief she can cause. Bunga can be lured away with bananas - her favourite fruit and she will then rejoin the other orangutans back in forest school.

Bunga is great at building her own nests and it is hoped that the other orangutans in forest school will learn this very important skill from her.  She is always first in line for food and will often use a large leaf as a plate. If she thinks the keepers have food with them, she will keep giving them her large leaf plate to ask them for the food.

Bunga is growing very well. Her body is becoming long and strong and she weighs 18.7 kg.
She is very headstrong, always thinking of ways to outsmart the caretakers. She enjoys the company of the other orangutans, especially Amin and Puyol, often taking them with her on her exploring adventures.

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