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I am sorry to write to you with extremely sad news from the field. In recent weeks we received an emergency call from our team the release site at Sungai Pengian, Bukit Tigapuluh, Sumatra, who have informed us that your adopted orphan orangutan Jarot, was found unconscious, after a fall from an Arau Tree (10+ metres high).

Our staff performed emergency treatment to try and assist Jarot to wake up. When he regained consciousness he was given sweet tea and watermelon and we hoped he would be revived. However soon after he closed his eyes and stopped breathing. After his death, Jarot was buried at Sungai Pengian release site.

It is especially tragic in Jarot’s case given his recent progress and independence in living freely since his release. In recent updates we knew that Jarot liked to live alone, exploring the jungle and his new found freedom.

Jarot had met Veni in the jungle, an 8-year-old female orangutan, who took care of him patiently. He spent days with Veni, where she taught him ways to get hold of some delicious food. Sometimes Jarot would grab Veni’s food off her because he was so excited.

After he was full, Jarot would always take a nap on a Pukat tree. Despite being a very high tree, Jarot would climb it because he loved to sleep up there. He loved the jungle and always wanted to sit up high and see it.

I am sorry to be the bearer of such sad news. With thousands of orangutans being killed a year, you would think we have been hardened to the death of one, but each death still takes a heavy toll on all of us, particular those who we have seen rehabilitated and released since coming into our adoption program.

If you are on auto-renewal for your adoption of Jarot we have transferred your adoption to Monti from the Orangutan Emergency Centre, Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Monti is one of the younger members of the centre’s orangutan family. She arrived at the centre at the end of November 2009. See more information about Monti.

If you wish to be transferred to another orphan or cancel your adoption, please call Rebecca on 1300 REDAPE. We thank you so much for your ongoing support and know you will share in our loss of our loveable Jarot.

Best wishes,
Leif Cocks
President and Founder
The Orangutan Project

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