Help us save Sumatra’s last rainforests!

Securing Indonesia’s last intact rainforests is one of the quickest, most effective ways to secure the survival of Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutans, tigers and elephants. But it’s now a race against time and we urgently need your help..

Protect your 4 hectare plot of rainforest

Why save intact rainforests?

The rainforests we are striving to protect are lowland tropical rainforests.  These forests are rich in biodiversity and are prime habitat for many vulnerable species, including Critically Endangered Sumatran elephants, who cannot dwell in mountainous areas.

Lowland rainforests are also critically important in preserving the health of our planet because they act as a giant sponge, absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. 

When you help The Orangutan Project safeguard these last viable ecosystems, you are helping to legally protect, restore, and vigilantly patrol these forests with highly trained Wildlife Protection Units so every species can roam in safety. 

We have our sights set on protecting hundreds of thousands of hectares of Indonesian rainforest but this is long term, complex work and we desperately need your help!  

Orangutans are great seed dispersers, so they help to restore rainforests.

Have we had success so far?

The Orangutan Project has been securing rainforests for many years and we have the experience, partnerships and legal entities in place to get this done.  Working closely with our partners, we’ve helped to legally change the status of more than 3.2 million acres of rainforest in Indonesia, and we now lease, manage and help to protect more than 1.195 million acres.

But it’s complex, long term work because even protected rainforests are vulnerable to illegal logging, encroachment and wildlife poaching and we urgently need the pooled resources of thousands of people like you, to help us legally secure intact rainforests across Indonesia, and to patrol, restore and protect those rainforests for the years to come.


How can I help?

We’ve just set up an exciting new initiative where you can directly protect a 4 hectare plot of rainforest for just a small monthly amount. 

Your monthly contribution will start working immediately; restoring, replanting and patrolling the beautiful Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem in Sumatra, home to small but vital populations of Sumatran orangutans, tigers, elephants, tapirs, clouded leopards and so much more!

Protect your 4 hectare plot of rainforest

You have an opportunity to secure a plot of this very rainforest to protect our planet


Prefer to give a one-off gift?

That’s ok! Before we can protect rainforests from logging, poaching and encroachment we need to get them legally protected. Right now, we are working with our partners across Sumatra and Kalimantan to legally protect large, intact concessions of high conservation value rainforest.  

Your gift today will help us legally secure vast ecosystems and protect them from logging, wildlife poaching and fire. It will also resource local communities to restore and replant degraded areas, restoring the health of our planet.

Make a one-off gift

Restore and replant degraded areas.


What happens if we don’t protect these rainforests?

80% of Indonesia’s forests have already been destroyed, and over the past decade we’ve experienced unprecedented droughts, less rainfall, longer, hotter dry spells and disastrous fires in forests that have never seen fire before. The impact on Critically Endangered orangutans has been devastating.

Your gift today will help to turn this crisis around, helping us restore and protect some of Indonesia’s last remaining intact, lowland rainforests to protect biodiversity, absorb carbon dioxide and restore the lungs of our planet.


Thank you!

Orangutans are starving as the full ecological impact of deforestation takes its toll.