Can Rescued Orangutans Count on Your Support?

Thrown behind bars, with no fresh air or space to swing like an orangutan, Mabel became yet another victim of the illegal pet trade. Traumatised and malnourished, the helpless orphan curled up in pain on the floor of her birdcage prison. 

Now in the hands of wildlife experts, Mabel can begin to heal. But this little infant needs round the clock care. She has a long way to go until she is back to full health.

It’s only with the generous support of people like you that rescued orphans like Mabel can receive the love and rehabilitation they need. 

Please donate today to help us care for rescued orphans like Mabel. Your gift will help provide urgent medical care, enrichment toys, nutritious food, and Jungle School outings. Everything these orphans need for their second chance in life.

Whilst Mabel’s nightmare is over, her immediate care is our top priority. Please give as generously as you can by 14 February to help Mabel, and other rescued orphans like her, on their road to recovery.

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