Bunga is a growing girl who now tips the scales at over 20kg. She is one of the smartest orangutans in forest school. She is a very good climber and is always exploring the boundaries.

This often takes her to areas that she shouldn’t be in! Her adventurous streak h as seen her breaking into the fenced forest enclosure so she can play with Peni, Desi and Susi.

Since Bunga has made so much progress she will soon be spending more time in the forest enclosure and on the island so she can further her pre-release skills. Bunga certainly shows potential for being a release candidate with her excellent foraging, climbing and nest building skills. She enjoys the company of the other orangutans in her group and can often be found playing with Ongky. It is hoped that Ongky is paying attention to how cleaver Bunga is and that her forest skills are rubbing off on him.  

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