Rocky and Rickina

Rickina and her gorgeous baby boy Ricko, are doing very well at the IAR orangutan rescue centre in West Kalimantan.

Doting mum with Ricko soon after his birth

Ricko was born on 21 August 2022 to first time mum Rickina. They are still at the clinic under the supervision of the medical team. Ricko is still deemed too small to be transferred to an island with Rickina, so they need to stay in the clinic enclosure for a little longer until the medical team feels that Ricko is old enough to move to the pre-release island with Rickina. The medical team has monitored both Rickina and Ricko very closely and are happy with their progress.  Ricko is suckling well and growing fast. He has already passed the 3kg mark and has some teeth! Rickina is also in good condition and weighs approximately 36kg.

Ricko is a very active little orangutan!  He is now able to hang and climb the walls of the cage. He also seems to be a very adventurous baby and already plays away from his doting mum at times. Rickina and Ricko spend a lot of time playing and cuddling together.

To increase Ricko’s nutritional intake, the medical team are now providing him with some supplement food such as fruit and vegetable puree. Ricko's seems to quite like it and he usually eats the supplement feed, however he naturally prefers his mother’s milk.

In mid-January, the medical team conducted a comprehensive medical examination of Rickina and found that she was healthy and in good physical condition. Ultrasound results also showed that her liver, kidneys, and other organs are healthy and normal after the delivery of her baby. We cannot wait to see Rickina and little Ricko in a natural setting again soon!

It is wonderful to see that Rickina is such a wonderful mum to little Ricko. It is also exciting to know that little Ricko will soon be growing up in a lovely, forested area when they are moved to one of the pre-release islands.

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Rocky & Rickina