Meki is now seven years old and is in Forest School Group 6. Meki is very healthy and has had no medical issues over the last six months.

November 2015

Meki continues to thrive at forest school. She is active and adventurous. She loves to roam to the groups of younger orangutans and take them to play with or to accompany her while she explores the forest.

Meki has started to develop more independence and has reduced her interactions with her human baby-sitters. She will give a ’kiss-squeak’ vocalisation to her approaching baby-sitter to show that they are not needed. When Meki is out at forest school, she is very comfortable spending time alone whilst relaxing up in the shady canopy.

Meki has develped her foraging skills further and she is now eating termites, sap and tree bark, all staple food items in the dry season. She now prefers to stay the night in the forest school trees and resists going back to her enclosure when forest school class is over for the day. When it starts to get dark, Meki will commence nest-building in a tree. 

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