Centre for Orangutan Protection

The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) is a direct action group of Indonesians who campaign to bring an urgent end to the destruction of Indonesian rainforest and the killing of orangutans. COP focuses on the cause of the problems and they conduct numerous rescues of orangutans. COP also attaches a lot of importance to working with and empowering local communities who are the best people in the long-term to protect the rainforest which is their source of food and water as well as the orangutans.

COP’s three main programmes are -

  • Habitat protection whereby the aim is to secure habitat for orangutan populations. COP works to prevent and stop habitat destruction. Investigations and campaigning are used to assist with this programme.
  • Ex-situ conservation/animal welfare in zoos where the aim is to improve the welfare of orangutans in zoos by improving the husbandry and enrichment in the facility. COP helps to combat the poaching, trading and the illegal holding of orangutans and also supports law enforcement in this area.
  • Communication and awareness by developing public support for orangutan protection.

To run these programmes, COP operates three action teams -

  • APE Crusader which covers East Kalimantan.
  • APE Defender which covers Central Kalimantan.
  • APE Warrior which covers Java and Sumatra.

The APE Crusader, investigates illegal activities, involves local communities in protesting against oil palm companies and educates school students and youth groups on orangutan conservation issues.

The APE Defender is responsible for rescuing orangutans and supporting law enforcement operations.

The APE Warrior assists with the welfare of captive orangutans in zoos across Indonesia. They also work against the wildlife trade and runs COP campaigns.

All of the teams are managed by COP headquarters in Jakarta.

Project Leader: Hardi Baktiantoro