Aceh and Tripa Swamp Protection

Tripa in the province of Aceh Sumatra, is home to one of only six remaining populations of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan and also has amongst the highest densities of orangutans anywhere in the world. Palm oil companies are destroying the forest here, and the total destruction of the remaining forest is predicted within less than five years if appropriate action is not implemented quickly. The Orangutan Project is supporting the work involved with the conservation of Tripa and the greater forests of Aceh, which involves the following objectives -

  • Empower communities to politically engage on the spatial plan by drawing links of ‘cause and effect’ from the likely deforestation and its potential to natural disasters including flooding.
  • Field mobilisation to uncover and highlight illegal activities.
  • Boost legal capacity and monitor legal proceedings including ongoing meetings and communication of news and developments to the public.
  • Enhance communications and campaign outreach by liaising with global and national networks for action and mobilisation.